Calgary Sunshine Homestay Services

Welcome to Calgary Sunshine Homestay Services!

Sunshine Homestay Services is proud to provide homestay program to international students who are coming to Calgary to study. We take pride in the quality of services we offer to students and their families. To be successful, we also have a favorable relationship with our host families. It’s our hope that putting students in homestay situations will encourage them to adopt the Canadian culture and enhance their English language ability. 

​Being homestay agency, our role is to introduce students with potential homestay families based on the expectation of both the students and the families. SHS will help by facilitating the homestay process.

Our experienced staffs have been working with international students for more than a decade. Our commitment is to provide best experience for host, students, and their families. SHS provides 24-hour Emergency support line answered by one of our staff members to hosts and students. SHS is a one-stop-shop for homestay accommodation in Calgary, Alberta!